Illuminoto inspired by plumes

Place yourself early one morning, within the temples ruins of Angkor Wat, with the sunlight only just trickling through the strangler trees engulfing the stones and rays starting to penetrate the darkness of the temple doorways.
Monks soft chanting meandered and softly reverberated through the temple. Occasionally a ray of sunlight is captured in the incense smoke plumes rising from urns placed by the monks. The stillness of the air means the plumes rise relatively undisturbed, save for the occasional perturbation caused by the soft movement of a monk gliding by. The original images capture a snapshot of the rising incense and I hope, the sense of the moment imprinted within.

What you see in the final images below, is a combination of points of interest used to create symmetries, filters to accentuate definition within the plume and colouring to highlight structures within it. It can take many hours to identify structures that work and the best use of colour to accentuate them. Also, it’s often not just one image in use.

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