Inspired by scenery

Larger natural structures outwardly don't appear to reflect the symmetry and order found at the smaller, micro level within them. Snow appears random and chaotic, but individual flakes are beautifully individual and fractal in nature. Trees, have inbuilt order close up, but from afar as part of a forest, appear random constructs.  
Similar to the idea I had for flowers, larger landscapes whether designed by nature or inspired by man or even animals, have detailed levels of order and symmetry that stand out and create interesting patterns and designs when used in the work you see.

The first image I created in this manner was the one called 'Vernal'. It's originally an image of Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park, California. Just like the real scene, where the river is battling against the landscape, carving an impressive path through the forest and creating an even more impressive waterfall, the final image seems to accentuate the natural battle taking place - with the river and forest landscape pulling, both against each other but in a beautiful harmonious way.

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